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Welcome to Inner Awakenings!

Through the offerings of Inner Awakenings, JP Sears works with people who are in pain, overwhelmed, or who self-sabotage that would like to discover their self-worth, confidence, and authenticity.  Do you suffer from a degree of:

  • Self-sabotage?
  • Low self-confidence?
  • Emotional pain?
  • Relationship conflict?

A note from JP:
Through years of working with clients with these very issues, I understand that you may be struggling from feeling helpless, hopeless, scared, sad, and/or numb inside.

In my experience with my own journey of healing and growth, along with assisting countless clients in their's, I know there are breakthroughs and insight that are necessary to move beyond your place of stuckness.  It can be challenging to encounter these breakthroughs and insights on your own, that is why I am happy to work with you so that you may awaken beyond what challenges you!

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A Word from a Client...

"JP, words can't fully describe how great I feel to have come across your coaching style...I know all of this self discovery is leading me in the direction I was looking for from the beginning, a lot quicker than with the traditional approaches I’ve tried.  In our two phone calls I've been able to come to terms with many root causes that I fear would have taken months, if not years to uncover with the traditional approaches alone!"
~Marlena, San Francisco, CA

We invite you to consider that the genesis of authentic healing and self growth is found within the individual.  Could your journey of moving beyond the limits of your own thinking, wounding, and hidden saboteur hinge on waking your source of inner wisdom?