The 2014 Inner Awakenings Monthly Teleseminar Series!

This series offers a variety of important topics to help create a multi-angled approach in your efforts to grow, heal, and awaken your inner wisdom.  Each month's topic provides unique insights and concepts intended to help you support yourself on a continuing basis in your journey.

Joining the Inner Awakenings Monthly Teleseminar Series Will Help You:

  • Experience more peace and contentment in your life!
  • Grow into your authentic self!
  • Trust the guidance of your heart and intuition!
  • Be supported in your self growth and healing!
  • Challenge yourself to live beyond your ego values and comforts!

Inner Awakenings Monthly Teleseminar Series:

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  • Held on the first Tuesday of each month at 5pm pacific time (unless otherwise noted)
  • Please see below for each month's topic
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Empowerment through Sexuality January 6th, 2014

What if your sexuality became a source of empowerment for you rather than a source of shame and suppression?

Learn how you can become undefended to one of mother nature's wellsprings of power embedded within you, your sexuality!  JP will help you understand how there is a natural shame developed about sexuality and how you can grow beyond the limits of it.  You'll learn insights and steps you can take to embrace your sexuality as a force of nature that gifts you with passion, compassion, creativity, and intimacy! 

Empowerment through Sexuality will be held on Monday, January 6th 5pm pacific time.

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Discovering Your Authentic Self February 4th, 2014

What if you stepped out of the comfort of who you think you are and into the thrill of your authentic self?

Learn how to graduate from the suffering of living as someone who you are not and begin embodying the serenity of your authentic self!  JP will challenge you to look beyond your opinions and beliefs of who you are to discover a greater mystery, who you actually are!  You'll discover that unhappiness, depression, anxiety, and fatigue naturally arise when living disconnected from your authentic self.  JP will share how connecting with your authentic self gives you the intrinsic resources of support, inspiration, and contentment to live a life that feels enjoyably purposeful.  You'll learn how to begin surrendering the comfort of your self identity in exchange for embracing the thrill of discovering who you authentically are!

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Growing Beyond Depression March 10th, 2014

What if your depression will continue until you find its purpose?

Depression can be an unshakable dark cloud of suffering.  JP will challenge you to discover that your depression is a symptom of a deeper cause.  He'll share with you insightful strategies for seeing beyond the distracting symptoms of your depression so that you can nurture the deeper cause.  You'll learn how to begin melting your depression away as you open your heart to healing it's deeper driving force!

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Understanding Your Inner Child April 1st, 2014

Your greatest gifts are unleashed once you learn to embrace your inner child!

Your chronological age tells you that you're an adult.  Is this convincing you to neglect your child-like nature?  JP will share with you what your inner child is and how it's the heartbeat of your emotional health.  You'll learn that just as a kid will suffer if neglected, your inner child will suffer and bleed the pain into many potential corners of you life today.  You'll learn easy to use strategies to nurture your child within so that your emotional heartbeat can make you a happier, more whole person!

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Growing Intimacy In Relationships May 6th, 2014

If offered a clear mirror to see deep into yourself, would you look?

Well over 50% of committed relationships have an ugly ending due to a drought of intimacy.  JP will share with you how to create an intentional lush landscape of intimacy in your relationship rather than unintentionally falling victim to the barren desert.  JP will help you grow beyond the complacent mindset in a relationship of "How can I tolerate this person?" to "How can a thrive with this person?" He'll share how you and your partner can proactively address the barriers to intimacy that naturally arise in any relationship.  You'll also learn how to nurture the wounds in a relationship to allow the life force of intimacy to begin circulating freely in your relationship! 

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Healing Body Image Issues June 3rd, 2014

What if the persistent discomfort about your body is telling you an important message that you're not hearing? 

The critical voice inside can always see or imagine an endless list of flaws about your body.  JP will help you see beyond the symptomatic feelings of torment about your body image to find and heal their genesis.  You'll learn how the suffering about your body image, as painful as it is, carries a deeper message about you that will persist until it's heard.  JP will share with you how to address your pain, hear your unheard message, and take the appropriate action to free yourself from the life sentence of emotional torment about your body.

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The Wisdom of Your Dreams June 24th, 2014

The dream is always showing the dreamer what they don't know about their self.

Dreams at night are a very rich tapestry of wisdom communicating with you in a symbolic language.  JP will share with you how to powerfully open yourself to the wisdom of your unconscious by nurturing the relationship you have with your dreams.  He'll share with you how to begin working with your dreams so you can absorb the guiding light that your dreams offer you.  You'll learn how to find healing and life direction insights from the wisdom of your dreams!

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Claiming Your Personal Authority August 5th, 2014

What would it feel like to honor yourself and your purpose?

Your personal authority is the intrinsic power that gives you permission to discover, honor, and express your unique desires, values and purpose.  JP will share with you how a phase of life is necessarily spent living under the burden of other people's authority as you pursue their approval.  He'll also share why many get stuck in this disempowered phase and how you can consciously progress into an expanded life by being guided by the North Star of your personal authority.  You'll learn how to surrender your reactive tendencies of giving your power away to people of your past and present and reclaim your personal authority!

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Embracing Your Intuition September 2nd, 2014

Do you know how to illuminate your path with the light of your intuition?

Einstein once said, "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant." JP will share why it's so easy to live from the limited capacity of your thinking mind while discounting the greater capacity of your intuitive mind.  He'll share how to purposefully embrace your fears of the mystery of your intuition so they stop limiting your intuitive capacity.  You'll learn how to begin recognizing your intuition and develop a trusting relationship with it so you can navigate your life with wiser, more graceful decisions!

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Purging Your Fears October 7th, 2014

Do you have the courage to be afraid or are you afraid to be afraid?

Your fears create a barrier to protect you from the unknown.  They also therefore stand as a barrier between you and new levels of happiness, intimacy, and success that are not familiar to you.  JP will help you learn how to undo the limiting spell of paralysis that your fears have over you.  You'll learn how to avoid the pitfall of fighting fears and believing they're gone while they've actually grown a stronger grip of control as you're afraid to be afraid.  You'll learn how to whole heartedly purge your fears so you can encounter your possibilities beyond their limitations!

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Allowing Love into Your Life November 25th, 2014

How would it feel to accept the love that you desire?

Just like a starving person rejecting the very food they beg for, love is the unspeakable experience that everyone simultaneously desires and resists.  JP will share with you how to find and rebalance the parts of you that resist and defend against love.  He'll help you begin healing your unloving experiences in your past that seem to dictate the lack of love in your life today.  You'll learn how to release your resistance against love to allow new levels of love to be experienced within yourself and your relationships!

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Rebalancing Stress: How to Center Yourself December 16th, 2014

Being centered allows you to experience your life gracefully rather than stressfully.

The overwhelming storm of stress rolls in when you lose your inner balance.  Going through a given event when centered versus not centered will author two completely different perceptions, a relaxation response versus a stress response.  JP will share with you insights for keeping yourself centered, recognizing when you're out of balance, and how to bring yourself back to center.  You'll learn how to center yourself so you can move from the gravity of stress into the levity of grace and acceptance!

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