Mentoring for Coaches

JP is privileged to serve as a mentor and coach for numerous professional coaches around the world. Coaches choose to consult with JP for a variety of reasons including learning to express their unique gifts, strategies for building a successful practice, refining technical skills in stress reduction, emotional healing, and lifestyle coaching, as well as healing compromises in their own personal lives.

Benefits of Mentoring with JP

  • Identify and leverage your unique gifts as a coach
  • Create a successful practice and professional satisfaction
  • Effective resolve of frustrations and blocks in your coaching career
  • Guidance in technical skill refining in the areas of stress reduction, emotional healing, and lifestyle coaching
  • Problem solving with challenging clients

When coaching other coaches, JP’s objective is to guide the coach to becoming undefended about their own brilliance, creating the opportunity for the coach to go beyond the limits of their own thinking when it comes to their coaching, business, finances, and professional satisfaction. A virtue that many coaches have come to embrace while working with JP is that stepping into genuine contentment and success in their practice involves finding their unique artistic fingerprint when it comes to how they coach, how they utilize various technical strategies in their practice, and how they allow themselves to connect with clients.

When beginning the mentoring process, JP collaborates with the coach on their specific goals and objectives to help determine the most appropriate scheduling plan for the coaching sessions.

Mentoring Reflections...

"I have a fantasy that I am a young Jedi Knight searching for a Jedi Master to school me in the ways of the “force”. Any young Jedi needs a mentor to expose hidden aspects of self. I heard through colleagues about JP Sears’ coaching/teaching style, it felt very synergistic to whom I think I want to be as a coach.  Deep within my heart I felt that JP would guide me to coach myself.  In turn my coaching of others would flow from my heart rather than my head.

Due to my work with JP my relationship with myself has continued to evolve and heal. My practice has improved tremendously, evolving into a safe, open environment for beautiful expression and self exploration to take place. As I become clearer with self and have less filters of past shame, guilt, and fear I become a much better coach of myself and others. I listen more with my heart. I am more present. I recognize my judgments are not truth, just possibilities, or maybe nothing more than stories.  I am learning to be truly intimate with self and others.  JP is a Jedi Master and can truly guide you to guide yourself.
Jator Pierre, 
San Francisco, CA

"I initially reached out for coaching from JP because I felt I was blocking my own success. I knew JP had enough inner peace within himself that he would be able to sit in non judgement of the issues I most needed to sort through in order to move forward. My primary objective was my own blockages but the amazing thing is how much it has influenced my coaching practice as well.

As a professional speaking coach, I share the skills, the tools and the processes that help speakers grow and touch many lives. These skills are great but sometimes the biggest asset a speaker needs is greater confidence of self. From working with JP it has become a powerful asset to also have the understanding of what a speaker needs to work on internally to allow themselves to project confidence from the stage. If you want to move forward in life and with your coaching, I highly recommend working with JP Sears. Just bring an open mind and an open heart then enjoy the benefits investing in your inner self!"
Jeremy Tracey
, Ontario, Canada 
Professional Speaker & Speaking Coach

"I began working with JP to help manage some of my thoughts, ideas and stresses, and seek counsel on how to be a better coach to my clients. JP has not only helped me decrease the stress I was experiencing, but has also helped me uncover some of the sources of the stress that I could manage and eliminate. Through his gentle guidance and brilliant communication, he has helped me provide a better service to my clients with fewer tolls on myself.

If you are looking for a mentor who truly speaks with wisdom and you require the skills to create and improve your coaching practice in all its different facets then JP is someone I can’t recommend highly enough.

In my coaching practice I’m now able to deliver a deeper level of understanding and empathy with clients and their challenges, which makes the experience much more rewarding for myself and the client."
Adam Cox
, London, United Kingdom

"JP Sears is a very special individual. His ability to listen with both an open mind and an open heart allows him to help you help yourself in learning more about who you are and what the problems in your life actually mean. I worked with JP throughout the year of 2011.

We communicated regularly via Skype. He helped me reflect on my own words through non-judgmental thought provoking questions which, in turn, led me to cultivate a better understanding of who I was at the deepest level of my being.

Understanding who we are and learning more about ourselves is the true key to life. Inner reflection is a necessity. JP possesses the tools and know how to lead you on this journey of emotional, psychological and spiritual enlightenment."

Miles Krol, Montreal, Canada

The work I have done with JP has helped me immensely to become a stronger, more present, more creative, more stable person, and a better coach and mentor for my own clients!"
Becky Jonas
, Boston, MA

Mentoring for Coaches Package Discount
  • 5 Session Package: $675

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