Conscious Creation

By JP Sears, Holistic Coach

With minds capable of inventing such ideas as skyscrapers, space shuttles, computers and the Internet, is their any doubt that we are equipped with the gift of creation?  Whether you realize it or not, you are always creating.  In fact, your degree of inner happiness and health, as well as your life circumstances are your very own creation.  So if it is true that you and I are constantly creating, what would it mean to you if you became a conscious creator? Let’s explore how the conscious creator can exercise her power of creation for the purpose of self-growth.

Perception is Creation

With an act as simple as looking at a flower, you are exercising your power of creation.  What is being created?  Different people will create different experiences, based on their perception of that flower.  One person may perceive the flower in such a way that the creation is the experience of a beautiful entity with a sensual fragrance.  A different person could perceive the same flower as an ugly plant with allergenic properties, creating a different experience.

A conscious creator is one who realizes that through his perception of people and life events, he is creating his reality.  With this awareness, the conscious creator is able to actively choose how he perceives life and can consciously influence the reality that he creates.  The unconscious creator is unaware that it is his perceptions that are creating his reality and therefore he will not actively pursue the creation that is most pleasing to him.  By inviting ourselves to a place of awareness and motivation to be a conscious creator, we can propel ourselves powerfully on the path of self-growth.

For me, self-growth is not about building love for self or learning how to be centered.  I believe being centered and loving one’s self are natural states of being.  To me self-growth is about healing the emotional wounds and disempowering perceptions of ourselves that cover these beautiful gifts that many strive for.  Much like an explorer looking for his buried treasure, he must simply dig in the right place to remove the debris that is blocking his treasure that is already present.  Because many of us harbor painful experiences and shaming wounds that bury our treasure, we can use our powerful gift of creation to heal ourselves.  The key is understanding that what creates the pain or shame surrounding an event isn’t the event itself, but rather the perception of the event.  So what would you guess might happen if I consciously changed my perception of the event associated with my pain?

Some of the most powerful creation for self-growth can occur by changing how we perceive events in the past that generated pain or discomfort within us.  We of course are not able to change what actually happened during one of life’s events, but what we can do is change our perception so that we have a new version of an occurrence that no longer causes pain or discomfort.  By acknowledging that one’s perception is the source of all joy or pain we can realize our power to transform our dark shadows into radiant light.

Re-parenting for a New Creation

One powerful method of gaining a more empowering perception of an otherwise painful event is through a process called re-parenting.  This is a method I use regularly myself and with many of my clients.  Because much of what we learn is by example, we often begin to adopt our parents’ perceptions of us, our life and life in general.  So if Dad perceived all Democrats to be condemned to hell, we may hold a similar view.  If Mom thought it was irresponsible for a person to leave a secure job to follow their dreams, it would be pretty easy for most of us to hold a similar perception. 

Our parents are a tremendously important influence on how we perceive ourselves, especially since most emotional wounds about ourselves are generated through our perception or judgment of ourselves.  So if adopting our parents’ perceptions causes us to view ourselves in a hurtful way, perhaps we can be our own parent and teach ourselves to create a more empowering way of perceiving any event so that we experience less self-judgment and move forward in our journey of self-growth.

I’d like to share an experience from my own life to illustrate how re-parenting to consciously create a more empowering experience can work.  The summer before my sophomore year in high school I decided not to return to the football team, as it was not something that I really desired to do.  When I told my mother this she responded by saying that I was very selfish and I was ruining my life.  Because I’m like many other people and learn by example, my mother perceived me a certain way and I adopted the same perception of myself.  The self-judgment I had about this event was very painful in many ways.  However, many years later I invited myself to offer parental guidance to the person that I was as a 15 year-old in a way that is different than how my mother did – a way that allowed me to consciously create the healing that I desired.  The subtle yet powerful words used to create my new perception of this experience were,

In speaking to you 15 year-old JP, I give you permission to follow your heart, even when Mom wishes for a different course of action.  You may leave Mom’s burden with her and stay with your heart.  Your heart contains the safety and inspiration that you weren’t getting from Mom at the time.

My new perception of quitting the football team and the perspective I have about myself in relation to that event allowed me to make a very powerful shift away from pain toward happiness and self-acceptance.  Most of us have learned a great deal and benefited tremendously from what we were offered by our parents, and most of us would also do some things differently than how our parents did. 

With that in mind, I would like to invite you to embrace the re-parenting process when you feel that you are judging your self about an event that has occurred in your life.  For me, there is always a good chance that I’m being critical of myself the way my parents were.  If that is the case for you, you can instantaneously re-parent yourself in such a way that allows you to create what you would like rather than what your parents would like. It is just like a painter at his canvas.  If his parents physically guide the strokes of his brush, he wouldn’t be exercising his full creative power if he was wishing to paint something different than what his parents wanted.  However if he is the only one holding the paintbrush, he may still hear his parents’ preferences for the painting, but he is ultimately the one that determines how the painting will look.

The Conscious Creator May Seek Assistance

When consciously creating one’s reality, many people, including myself at times, benefit from coaching guidance in their process.  When we perceive an event in such a way that it causes us discomfort there will often be a part of us that feels very threatened by the event.  For this reason that part of us can keep our conscious mind in denial about what the event means to us and we can therefore encounter resistance in the process of shifting our perceptions to more empowering ones. Sometimes with clients I find there needs to be a specific age addressed, sometimes I find an emotional wound is caused by another emotional wound and there needs to be a priority of healing order, and many times clients desire guidance on how to form their own healing perceptions.

A recent client who had incurred trauma from a family member as a child met resistance whenever attempting to heal her perceptions of the traumatic events on her own.  It is possible that a part of her was so fearful of what happened that she became triggered and unable to offer herself a new way of experiencing the events.  By listening to what this client said and what she didn’t say, I was able to reflect for her to discover what she needed to do and say to heal her painful perceptions and create for herself a more harmonious reality

Your Creative Power

 Just as a seed’s creative power is expressed in its magnificent transformation into an elegant blossoming flower, I invite you to choose the path of the conscious creator and to transform disempowering perceptions into graceful self-growth opportunities.


About the Author

JP Sears is a Holistic Health Coach in San Diego, CA.  His one-on-one client practice specializes in holistic emotional healing and resolving self-sabotage issues.  JP regularly facilitates classes and workshops nationally and internationally on a variety of healing and health topics while being widely acclaimed for his heartfelt and dynamic style.  For more information on upcoming classes, tele-classes, or becoming a client, please visit