Beyond Self-Sabotage London, UK November 8-9th 2014

The Benefits of the Beyond Self-Sabotage Workshop Will Help You:

  • Find and heal the actual issues causing your sabotage!
  • Discover authentic contentment in your life!
  • Succeed in your meaningful goals!
  • Effectively nurture yourself as you move beyond your comfort zone!
  • Make your life a tribute to your unique purpose!

The door is open for you to join me at the Beyond Self-Sabotage Workshop!

  • Location: London, UK
  • 9am-5:30pm November 8-9th, 2014
  • Early Bird Registration (if booked 6 weeks in advance): GBP 255 Standard Registration: GBP 295

How do you sabotage yourself?

In the Beyond Self Sabotage program, our sabotaging is viewed as a symptom. Through the concepts and techniques taught, we’ll direct our focus to pierce through the symptom and address the issues causing the symptoms of sabotage.

How would it impact your life if you learned to discover and re-balance the sabotaging patterns that you are currently blind to?

Whether your definition of success is enriched health, relationships, energy, getting in shape, finances, or peace of mind, this workshop is intended to help you embrace the tools you have within to create a smooth flow of success.

Offerings of the Beyond Self-Sabotage Workshop Include:

  • Self discovery and re-balancing techniques to relinquish the need to block your own success
  • Develop a compassionate understanding for why self-sabotage has been happening in your life
  • Learn to identify and holistically resolve the actual issues beneath sabotaging patterns and behavior
  • Learn about the non-logical emotional nature that causes one to seek the uncomfortable comfort of self sabotage
  • Specific tools and exercises to continually help yourself
  • Understand why control dramas govern our lives from a place of sabotaging reactivity and how to go beyond them.

With the holistic concepts and techniques taught in Beyond Self-Sabotage, you are invited to a place of awakening to a more graceful and meaningful relationship with your life. Beyond Self-Sabotage is appropriate for both health coaches and the lay-person.

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